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safari theme e1286095866325 Safari ThemesIf you are looking for some good Safari themes and add-ons, there are plenty of great sources from where you can find something of your choice. Safari is a web browser created by Apple Inc., and it is popularly known as the web browser on Macbooks and on the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad and the Apple iPod  Touch as well. This browser is the default browser with the Mac OS X operating system and the iOS, in a similar way that Internet Explorer is the default browser that comes attached with Microsoft Windows.

Safari was released in January 2003, and it has been a part of all Apple products that can surf the Internet since then. A web browser is merely a gateway to the Internet, and it allows you to see the webpages that you are visiting in a certain way. At present, it is said that Safari is the fourth most used web browser in the world.

Safari Browser Themes

When we speak of themes for a browser, it refers to the manner in which you graphically interact with the browser. Themes can change the entire appearance and usability of a browser, and this is exactly what Safari themes achieve. Unlike wallpapers and screensavers that you can download for your device, themes affect the entire operating system.

Web browser themes also change the manner in which various buttons appear and various functions operate. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of themes you can download and install on your machine, as long as the supporting computer operating system is installed on the device. For instance, you cannot think of using Safari themes on an Android based phone instead of the iPhone, because the functions and buttons are completely different from one another.

Developers have now even started creating Safari themes for Windows, ever since the Safari web browser became available for people to use on Windows based machines. People using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 can also download and install Safari on their machines now, and thus make use of various Safari add-ons and themes. Sadly, it is not possible to simply download Safari themes off the Internet. You will need to download either SafariStand or SafariMasks for this purpose, and use any of the pre-installed themes that come along with these programs.

Installing Safari Themes

Apple being the control freaks that they are, have made it slightly complicated to install these themes on your machine. Even though there are many such themes available, getting around to changing them is made unnecessarily complicated by the good people at Apple. These themes do not function as regular themes on Safari, and they are thus known as Safari add-ons. Here are the two ways in which you can change the theme to something of your choosing.

* Download and install a software known as SafariStand on your machine.
* Now you need to select ‘Stand’, and then you need to select ‘SafariStand Settings’.
* Now a sidebar menu will open, and you need to select ‘General’ over here.
* You will now see a drop-down menu with some themes listed. You can choose the themes of your choice.

Another method for you to follow is given under.

* Download and install SafariMasks on your machine.
* Locate the ‘Themes’ drop-down menu, and then select a theme of your choice from the list.
* Select ‘Install’ and your theme is ready for use.

Both these applications will help you to change the overall appearance of the browser and the various buttons on it. Its functionality is not as deep as those of themes on Windows, for instance, but this is something you will have to live with. Apple has a way of missing out on some important features in their products and convincing their customers that they do not need those features anyway, so this is something you may be used to.

Safari themes are something that need to be installed easily, but this is not the Apple way. If you are an Apple loyalist this will not bother you, but if you are not too happy with this condition, you can consider picking the fastest browser from the different types of web browsers that are freely available for use.

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