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Iphone 5g 284x284 iPhone 5g FeaturesWell according to many sources iPhone 5G will hit the markets by the end of this year or in the first trimester of next year. With the release of iPhone 4G, a completely new concept develops in the common folks. Rumors are there that Steve Jobs is working on iPhone 5G model.
Rumors to iPhone 5g feature are below:

iPhone 5g Features:

•    Ultra-thin body (It’s even more sleeker than Apple iPod Touch 4G)

•    Provides 10.2 MP Camera

•    Video Conferencing

•    iPhone 5G will have the storage capacity up to 128GB. What’s more, it’s likely to offer an excellent downloading speed of 100 mbps for its users.

•    Retina display in iPhone 5G is more enhanced and is aqual to that of 27.8 more pixels. iPhone 5G would have enhanced retina display feature for the screen also backlight to make this feature more improved. 3D features (Ah, I’m not 100 per cent sure about it)

•    will be available in white color for which iPhone 4G craving.

•    will also have iRonald’s application to measure the calories.

•    Extended battery life

•    Face recognition

•    In-built GPS

•    an application of scanning would be present in iPhone 5G to facilitate the user with more advanced feature.

•    Wireless syncing with Apple iTunes

•    will come up with solar panel for recharging the battery

Indeed, applicious! Sidelining all the iPhone 4G problems, Apple iPhone 5g is, undoubtedly, the most awaited widget of 2011. It’s your call now. To buy or not to buy. The phenomenal iPhone 5g features much more than you could imagine a phone could contain. For now, kill time by day-dreaming till summer 2011 arrives.

List of upgrades and new features.

1) Wireless syncing, wireless charging

2) 8 megapixel camera (upgrade from 5 megapixels)

3) A5 processor(whats in the ipad 2)

4) Integrated earthquake warning (japan version, U.S pending)

5) 4″ screen (upgrade from 3.5″)

6) iCloud-The free service will automatically sync your pictures, music, and other data instantly between your computer and your iPhone.

7) The iphone 5 will be carried by Verizon,AT&T,Sprint and T-Mobile.

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