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new apple iphone 5g release date 2011 iPhone 5G 2011So, tell me. What do you think? Would the fifth generation of this one-of-its-kind gadget, the all new iPhone 5G 2011, be able to score out those disappointing iPhone 4G problems? I think, yes, and why not? If you think despite the ‘n’ number of issues that iPhone 4G has in its performance, it is the best creation of Apple so far. You need to have a look at the unparalleled iPhone 5G features, that make this product all the more lustable. Think of a life with an even faster Internet, in-built GPS, and wireless syncing with iTunes… well, this was just a fleeting glimpse of the features that the 2011′s iPhone 5G boasts upon.

So, when is iPhone 5 coming out, to set the market on fire? Let us begin this discourse with a tad-bit of seasoning with regards to the iPhone 5 release date that is set somewhere around Spring, 2011. iPhone 5G assures its users a phenomenal tech-experience, and nothing underlines this fact better than the juicy back-fence talks that unveil the features of this smartphone so smartly. To know what they are, hold on tight to each and every word that follows below.

iPhone 5G, 2011: What to Expect

You know, it’s a madhouse out there. You have a lot to read on the web about the various iPhone 5G features that give you enough reasons to buy this smartphone. Rumors soar high, most of which can be actually true. What’s astonishing is the fact that all these juicy gossips happening over the web make iPhone 5G all the more desirable. But then, what can one expect from the fifth generation iPhone? Would it be able to combat iPhone 4G’s problems? Would it offer more? If yes, what would it be?

Thank Mr. Steve Jobs for putting forth a much enhanced camera this time. It might just astonish you to hear that iPhone 5G comes with a 10.2 megapixel camera as a treat to all the wannabe photographers. And it’s none other than Sony who offers a fantastic camera support to Apple, pleasing the users with its outstanding performance. Isn’t it amazing? While iPhone 4G already owns a 5 megapixel cam, iPhone 5G offers you double the excitement. Certainly a must-have gadget, I think!

iphone 5 21 450x284 iPhone 5G 2011

What’s more, when you have 10.2 MP cam in your pocket, why wouldn’t you want to video-chat with your loved ones? That’s where the iPhone 5G does the trick for you. It is expected to have video-conferencing ability for those users who are fond of video chatting on phone. But wait, did I tell you that iPhone 5G is going to have not just one, but two cameras? Yes, the front camera is going to be used for video-conferencing purposes. After all, it’s a smart phone!

There’s yet another treat that Apple has to offer. That’s nothing but enhanced storage and a better battery life this time. For accessing the Internet without any blockage, iPhone 5G will come up with greater internal storage, and a richer battery life. After all, that’s what you’re paying for, aren’t you? These features are what we’re pretty sure of. However, if all the interesting iPhone 5 rumors are to be believed, here’s the list of those features that make the iPhone 5G a must-have gizmo. This list is going to make you immensely happy. My word.

  • Retina Display
  • Face Recognition
  • In-built GPS
  • Sleeker body (much sleeker than the Apple iPod Touch 4G)
  • Wireless syncing with iTunes
  • More carriers in addition to AT&T
  • New Operating System (iOS 5)
  • 4G network compatibility

Beauty at its best! Seems to me, you just cannot wait for Spring! Well, trust me, no one has a clue about the exact iPhone 5G release date. But with such awesome features, regardless of whenever it hits the floor, who wouldn’t want to grab the much-awaited Apple iPhone 5G? 2011 has brought in its own endows to amuse the tech-savvy, and this fifth installment of iPhone looks certainly promising. So, keep the excitement soaring high, make your own wish-list of features, keep your bank-balance leveled. I’ll go for the white iPhone 5. What about you?

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  • Jawad

    I was expecting the release of iPhone 4Gs , People are looking for iPhone 5G or NG ….. Why Apple Skipped 4Gs ??? I m surprised……

  • Josh

    They released iPhone 4G. That would be pretty surprising if they made a fifth generation iPhone before fourth.