How to Repair Corrupted Files

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how to repair corrupt files How to Repair Corrupted FilesWe use numerous types of files in our daily lives, when we use the computer. Some of them are the JPEG files, MS Word files, MS Excel files, Open Office Writer, Open Office Calc, PDF files, music files etc. All the files we use, have the tendency to get corrupted and become inoperative. You may now be faced with the question, why do the files get corrupted and become inoperative? The reasons are many, like problems with the computer operating system, file not been saved properly, computer virus, due to the interaction of the file with another application, etc. Problems with the hard drives  can also cause the file to corrupt. The next question which arises, is how do we understand that a particular file is corrupted? When you try to open a file, if you get error messages, which read ‘cannot open file’ or ‘file data inaccessible’ or the file opens in an unreadable format and inspite of changing the font, you are unable to read the time, understand that the file is corrupted. Now we know the basics of a corrupted file, therefore the natural question, anyone will have is how to repair corrupted files. Let’s find out.

How to Fix Corrupted Files

Often when people face the question how to repair corrupted files, they are of the opinion, that data recovery is a very difficult task. May be previously it was, however with the advanced software available to repair corrupted files, it is no more difficult to repair the files. Let’s find out, how to recover corrupted files.

Sometimes while the system is booting it can face problems, due to which you may not be able to open the files in the appropriate format. Therefore, restarting the computer is recommended. More often than not the files may not have any problems and they will open normally, after restarting the computer.

One of the options to recover corrupted files is from the backup files. Most of the programs are programmed to create backups automatically. For example, if your Microsoft Word file is corrupted, then you will simply have to rename the backup file as ‘.doc’ and then open the file. You will be able to recover all the data.

If you use Windows operating system, then you can make of the Windows Disk Utility to recover the corrupted file. Go to ‘My Computer’ and right click on the drive, where the file is located. From the drop down menu that appears, click on ‘Properties’ and then on ‘Tools’. Now click on the ‘Back Up Now’. You can either opt to just backup the files or restore the files and then click on ‘Ok’. The system will restore the corrupted file.
If these steps do not work and you still want to know how to fix corrupted files, here is the answer. There are a number of software, which you download from the Internet to repair corrupted files. For example, you can make use of ‘RepairMyWord’ software to repair a corrupted Microsoft Word file. Use the instructions given in the software to repair the corrupted files.
To repair a file, to recover data, etc., you can use download OfficeRecovery software. This software comes with file repair utilities, email, database, servers, office documents, photo recovery software, etc. However, when you are going to use this software, make sure you do not have any other programs running in the background. This can hamper the working of the software and the file may not be recovered.

If there is a corrupted file, which is a causing problem to the other files, you may want to know how to get rid of corrupted files. To get rid of corrupted file, more often than not you will have to deleted the program to which the file belongs to from the Control Panel ? Add/Remove Programs. Make use of this option, only if you are sure, that the said file is indeed causing the problem, else it can cause problem with the data storage and crumble other programs as well.

I hope this article on ‘how to repair corrupted files’ proves to be of help to you in repairing the corrupt file. If you face a similar type of a program, then you may want to talk to the makers of the software to find out the exact cause of the problem.

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